Weekend Tour Guides

To say that I am a little late on posting these pictures would be an understatement.  None the less...  CJ's family came to visit at the beginning of September and we had so much fun playing tour guides!  While they were here we walked around the University of Texas campus where CJ works.  The view of the Capital building from the Tower was breathtaking! After a very hot and sweaty tour we went to Bangers, our favorite beer garden downtown.  We had such an awesome time and can't wait for more family to visit in a couple of weeks! 

**Also, stay tuned for an apartment tour coming soon! 

Magnolia Silos

To say that I have dreamed about visiting Magnolia Market since the day we decided to move to Austin is an under statement! I love Chip and Joanna Gaines' tv show and I am obsessed with her style.  Last week that long awaited day came.  I took so many pictures and just walked around in awe.  Every square inch of the property is picture perfect! CJ's favorite was Chip's Corner which had some super manly tools.  He also got a signature #DEMODAY t-shirt.  I honestly cannot pick a favorite...the bake shop, the greenery, the endless black and white stripes. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I can't wait for family to come visit us so we have an excuse to go back.  

xx, Courtney

Farmers Market Festivities

{The most beautiful summer flower bundles}

{When a truck has your name on it, you take a picture}

{I got an amazing cool and billowy cotton top at this booth.  Seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever worn!}

{CJ is in heaven... iced coffee and breakfast tacos}

{Fire roasted peppers made to order}

{Tiny House Coffee has the best iced coffee I have ever tasted... super bold!!}

We had such a relaxing Saturday morning stopping at each booth and purchasing our favorites. I really appreciate the drive and uniqueness of each local entrepreneur.  I am always amazed at how hard the vendors are willing to work for the products they are passionate about.  They have to arrive at the butt crack of dawn to set up their tent and unload all of their merchandise hoping that they will make enough money that day to make it worth it.  It really inspires me to do things that I always push to the side or tell myself I could never do.  

**Check back Wednesday to see pictures from our trip to Waco where we tried to hunt down Chip and Joanna.  

xx, Courtney